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Panic attacks.

I'm having one right now. I know because my breathing feels more strained, and I can't concentrate. I know that I'm panicking because of a couple of things. The biggest one right now is probably, surprisingly, not the paper I have due in like an hour. It's actually feminism.

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Feminism is another one of those loaded words these days. To men it says you are a bitch, and to women it says you want to deny the feminine aspects of your self; because clearly the only way you can be deemed strong is by not being feminine. Both for the most part are incorrect assumptions, concluded from past feminism. There are two types of feminism and feminist in fact. The first is the women who believe they are better than men, and that femininity just exists to keep them contained in some way and below men.

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Men, Feminism, and Rampant Heterosexism

My Male identified friend, Chris confided in me one night that ey was apprehensive about taking a womyn’s studies course and identifying openly as a feminist, for fear of not only being rendered a “fag” or a “wuss” by eirs male peers, yet also for fear of being wrongfully labeled “the oppressor” or not belonging by eirs female classmates.

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