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Tattoo. I saw it.

So yeah we broke up like three weeks ago or whatever, and I stil hadnt seen his leg tattoo and I secretely didnt even want to see it, just in case I liked it and wanted to get back together with him but he sent me a pic of it RANDOMLY today and god it is AWFUL. it is supposed to be a dragon and it looks like a fox, I told him it looks horrendous and I hope he can fix it up somehow. Oh god it looks so bad. Why are people so STUPIDDDDD! people are seirously so stupid! Why do they do these stupid things to themselves!

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Fight Poem

He didn't know what was comming.
All he saw was my fist.
I heard the crack his nose made,
I swear I felt the bone break into 3 pieces.
Santa, put me on the naughty list,
understand it was provoked,
I didn't mean to hit so hard,
never guessed his nose broke.

Sick of it all,
too many fights,
just wish they wouldn't call me a retard all the time.

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So. My best friend. The one who I first came out to, who I fell head over heels for in 8th grade and have only just gotten over, who, for a good portion of 9th grade, has been seriously flirting with me despite being involved with a guy.

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