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Just watched Dekalog, have to say these are some of the most intense 'short films' ever. Fuck they're morbid... and depressing. I can't even sleep now. They're 10 short films, one each corresponding to the ten commandments. I don't think they have an explicit agenda, although the themes seem so complex... my interpretations of them... I don't even want to start.

Better than most films I've watched I would say. They're art films, I wouldn't say noir, but emotionally draining. God if you want to die metaphorically for a while, you should watch it on youtube.

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Gray Matters

I just watched Gray Matters. And it's actually pretty enjoyable.

Anybody seen it ?

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I wanna see you, I'm tired of my dreams.

Arrr I'm so dumb, that really hot queer film that I was going to go watch (see previous journal entry), the tickets have sold out already. Jamie and her mates already got tickets since they had a credit card so she said she'd let me know if anyone pulls out. Well Tim came with me to the queer film festival on the weekend to catch a series of short films made for kids our age.

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oh I do like your film.

Why hello. It's been a while.. not too much excitement going on at the moment. The queer film festival starts this weekend and I was kinda bummed thinking I didn't have any queer film goers to take advantage of such festivities with.. until my friend Jamie asked me to come along with her and others to see one of the films they're screening!

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