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Fire and Thirteen

Has anyone the movies Fire? I read the back of the DVD case and it sounded interesting. I didn't take it out of the library though, long story. Also Thirteen, is it any good?

Yes, I'm on the hunt for gay and gayish movies. I'm loving my summer so far, just getting to watch lots of movies, getting back to playing and enjoying my video games, and also sometimes getting out of the house too :D

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What's your favorite fire emitting device?

I was thinking to myself about how I love to play with fire, and how about all the times I have gotten burnt were either by the oven, range, or the dumbass 'science' teacher in a private school I tried that put water in a closed circuit and boiled it: it popped open and sprayed steam all over my hand.

So: What's your favorite firework, candle, lighter, special fx, magic trick, axe can, or anything else you can think of?

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