first journal entry

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My fingers hurt

So I decided to get an account on here, because I've sort of fallen out of touch with the online LGBT community, or whatever you wanna call it. It might help me to be able to blog about random shit in my life. I used to have a blog, but then I just got too busy for it and got out of the habit.

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Hmmm- first post- coming out

So i just signed-up here, wish there was an about section, but anyway...

Mi name is José or Joseph or Giuseppe or just Jos, i live in mexico city, am 18 years old, studyin biology (love it!)
I had a blog once, well twice, but i felt, twice, that it was just too public, and i guess this can also get too public...

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My mother is...

Absolutely ridiculous. Here I am, back in my hometown, when some old friends are like: "Hey, let's hang out at the mall." So I'm all for it, but I get a call from my mother saying I can't go unsupervised because she doesn't know these kids. What the hell? I thought maybe getting away from her for a few weeks would make her just a smidge less controling. SURPRISE. I was wrong.

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First Journal Entry- New Aspect for things

First Journal Entry

I don’t know this past week already has felt liberating, uniting and depressing to me. I have feelings that there may be a new someone out there for me. Just not sure if I should say something but not exactly ready yet, I think he knows what I am. I just seem to speak to him on the phone then any more of my friends who are straight and are guys.

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