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Snowbirding once again

Ok well its going to be October soon. That means snow is soon on the air a few weeks, or months away. ...YUCK! That also means I get the RV out and clean it up, fix the things that need fixed, and get it ready to head south from Nebraska where we spent the last year, To Florida where we will spend the winter. YEA!!! I am getting excited and looking forward to the warm winter months. We have chosen Cross City Fla, on the west side of the states upper part, for this years stay. Its cheep, and the court is Gay owned and run, as well as all gay occupied too. That will be fun too I hope.

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friends.best friends/ bizarre dreams

eight days in florida are never enough, especially when the temperature most of those days is rather chilly. blarghh!...... Father broke up with his girlfriend and not on amicable terms either. This sucks because I've started to become good friends with her eldest son.
I had a few really nice phone/text conversations with Littlefoot while I was down there..... it got me thinking about the nature of our friendship. One night I had an x rated dream about her....

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