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eat me!

hey guys.
blahh i get sad when i post here.
i think i post some intresting things soo
yeaa id like feed back xDD
thus the eating of me..

today was entertaining..
i went to a family dinner at a crappy mexican restraunt that we have been going to for like 4 years now.
anddd my sister has a groth on her faceeee.
its like a huge cysts by her ear.
its the size of a peanut(like shell and all)
she has named it pustulio (invader zim..)

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Songs,just a lil while ago,blogthings

Revis- Seven
*Papa Roach-Lifeline
*Sevendust- Live Again
*The Fray- You Found Me
*Rise Against- Re Education
Tantric- Mourning
Since October- Guilty
Fall Out Boy- I Don't Care
*5 Finger Death Punch- Stranger Than Fiction
The White Tie Affair- Candle
*David Cook- Light On
*Cold- Suffocate
Stone Sour- Inhale
Lady Gaga- Just Dance
Kevin Rudolph(I think hehe)- Let it Rock
Britney Spears- Amy
O.A.R- Shattered
Monica(and Christian Kane version too if he's the singer)- What My Heart Says
*Smile Empty Soul- For You(aka the heart that cares for you song)
Finger 11-Paralyzer

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So I've decided to start counting calories. I know it's stupid but I want to be skinnier. I am not by all means a big girl but I still could lose a couple of pounds. I just want to look better in a swimsuit in the summer. Does anyone have any dieting tips? I've never dieted really so I could use all the tips I could get.

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Hey Kids, What Do You Take to School for Lunch?!

No, this is not a test to see if GLBT people eat similar things; it's my cry for help in terms of lunch foods!

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I post too much, too often...

I have figured out why I care so much all of a sudden about my fingernails. The little kids at my work, think I'm amazing because I paint my nails random colors. With sparkles or multiple colors. It's a pretty cool group of kids...I work at the YMCA. Where they promote "Strong Christian Values." I could giggle everytime I see that sign. It cracks me up.

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Tostada Update & I think I'm a bad lesbian

So, because I'm too lazy to make tostadas myself...I decided ask my dad to make them tomorrow for dinner. My European mixed father. When I have perfectly good skills. And my mother....the MEXICAN one...doesn't make good tostadas. How does this work?

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Whateversexual_llama's guitar is named Tostada. Now I want Tostadas. Or atleast a trip to Taco Bell. Just because I CAN make myself perfectly good hispanic food, doesn't mean that I actually WANT to. My poor Abuela would cry over that. She spent I don't know how many hours in the kitchen teaching my cousins and I how to cook. And now, we only make minudo every other summer.

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Any WASL takers out there is Oasis Happy Land?

So in the land of high school hell, there's the WASL. Washington Assesment of Student Learning AKA: HELL for you outta state/outta country folks. Basically, this is the bullshit they attach as a graduation requirement to which graduating class?

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Yay! I'm gonna see Harry Potter 5 tomorrow!

I'm going with my friend H to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tomorrow! Yay! Plus, I haven't seen H ever since the last day of school, so it's gonna be neat. I hope she likes the new haircut I got a couple of weeks ago. :D

Oh, and I wanted to post this video, because Roy Zimmerman is awesome:

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I am now an aspiring vegetarian

Yah, the title says it all. I want to be a vegetarian. Lately whenever I've eaten hot dogs or pork chops and things like that, I've thought, "Ugh! This used to be an effing animal, and I'm eating it!" I want to stop eating meat. Blergh.

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From the mouth of an otaku.

Well, technically, I'm typing, so... Fingers... Whatever.

Otaku basically means obsessed freak. But in the US a lot of people use it to mean somone who likes anime/manga/japanese video games. And isn't really used as an insult here as it is there.

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Oh....the pain....

of acid indigestion. I was lucky enough to be standing earlier. Took some antiacids and now i feel a little better.

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Are you gay?

I'm just going to merge my previous Journal entry from today with this one since I wrote it recently anyways. If I don't do this I'll feel like I'm spamming... XD

----Old entry-----

So, I went to Soras (Sora = girlfriend) place today. It was... Weird...

So, we're talking, somehow we got on the subject of "gay" and Soras older sister, (we'll call her Axel..) is like "Are you gay?" Totally serious out of nowhere, towards Sora. And this is the second time she's asked her this since I came out. And Sora was like "No." and then Axel says "Oh, because you're always going to Riku's place."

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