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Adam Lambert and wallets.

I love shopping. I bought a new wallet today, it's like teal, I got it at forever 21 after putting a leopard print trench coat on hold. After buying food i didn't have enough for the trench coat =(
Has anybody bought Adam Lamberts album For Your Entertainment? Probably since it's been out forever. Well I love it. I've been listening to it all day..well and Lady Gaga.

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Insecurity Un. We've been going out for a couple of weeks and now everyone wants to flirt with her. Madness!
-There's bird girl. Who uses cheesy pickup lines to flirt. Shes okay. Just keep away from my girl!
-Ruth. Who "wishes she was her gf". That irks me mucho.
-Colton. Less of a problem. He's a guy. He knows we're gay. Light hearted flirting. No big.
-Ellis. Little mentally retarded. He touches her. Any further and i will break.his.fingers. At the moment, i can let it slide.
I'll fight for my girl, because i care about her. But damn. Who's next?! Problem not solved

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