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It's Official

I've been thinking lately and I've decided that I'm going to wait three months and if nothing happens between me and my friend (the one I like) then I'm just gonna give up and try my hardest to move on because if things keep on as they are, I'm gonna be feeling bad and lovesick for the rest of my life... I'm also thinking about coming out to my mommy this summer... I have no clue how she's gonna react but I'm just hoping for the best.

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I'm gunna get there someday...

She tells me she loves me every day, multiple times. We fight only because I start it. But I've always been that way. There are nights where I think I might die from loving her too much. Because anybody else's name on her lips breaks my hearts. We once made a million promises and created our dreams on the silly hopes of 15 year old kids. We're gunna get there someday.

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If forever only lasted one evening.

I suppose alot of you never knew me, and the ones who do, probably aren't here, or don't remember me.

But I needed to come back, to a familiar place, a place that cared. To blog, since the place I had been blogging on, is not safe for such times. Not safe for people to read. For people I've hurt, for people who have hurt me.

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