free verse

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Kisses Between Kisses

You life my shirt off.
I lift off yours.
I run my fingers across
your toned, firm torso,
between kisses,
caressing your tightly packed abs,
slowly finding my way
to your waist and belt buckle.
I feel you find my
waist and buckle and
it loosens, oh, so slowly,
leaving me in suspense.
Between kisses,
we both make our way
to the bed across the room

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come on, love. will you read it?

1. To nothing and back

Nothing breathes here, where ice slides off
and disappears. The navy sky does not sing; it is full
of unfocused nothing—the air, weak from only carrying the sound
of ice losing itself while Erosion our mother
hurries everything to its future self.
Nothing is so heavy; ice only knows to shatter itself
and float in pieces under the sag of the blue sky,

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