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New Year 2013!

Dear 2013,
I'm so excited! I get to start over in school. New semester, new classes, new teachers, no dance, and now I can join the LGBT club at school! YES! I can finally get myself out there or at least get advice and motivation to come out. I'll make new friends and do what I want. Last semester I felt so tied down with dance. I couldn't do certain things because I could have gotten injured. It sucked. Now I can go skateboarding at the park or play baseball with the guys because I'm as free as a bird. I just haven't learned how to fly yet.

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Emotional day... well more so than adverage...

so as u probably guessed from thet title... i had an interesting day. i was walking arround with my gf, kim, (i call her kitten) and we were gettin kinda bored. we were gona go to the park so we decided to walk along the train tracks as a short cut. we finally got to the road and i realized... where we came out on the tracks is about the half way point between my duche bag father's house and the park. idk why i made the decision or what power came over me.. but we went up to my fathers house.

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