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intro and genderqueerness and stuff

my pen names draven

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New school, new country, new gender

October 2007 is a long way from my last entry. I've moved to London, from Ohio. I'm going to school as a boy, which was beyond my wildest dreams last time i posted here.

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kinda confused about something...

i have been trying to fill out applications lately and have had a few asking me if i have ever worked or been in school under any other name or ss number. i had my name legally changed a year ago, and i am pretty much stuck with what to put. i know that i cant lie on an application, and i dont want to be out as trans at work. anyone have any clue?

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Winnipeg Trans Teens

I'm an FTM and I am looking if I can meet any Winnipeg Teenage Transsexuals (FTM or MTF or anything else) just to be friends, as I have no TG friends at all, which sucks. If anyone wants to chat email 09harwoca@mail.lrsd.net okay?

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