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The stupid cab driver RIPPED US OFF!!

So I'm in mexico (Puerto Vallarta) right now, and my brother and I were looking at stuff across town in the gay section (yay). But then we had to go home, and there was this cab, which we were looking for, and the guy signaled for us to get in. So we got in, and started to talk money, and he said 10$. We knew he was ripping us off there, so we got it down to 8 (not much better). Pesos, we decided, would be cheaper. He said, 150 pesos. Not right- the exchange rate is 13 pesos per dollar. So that is 46 pesos over 8$.

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So. Fuckin. Angry

Oh. My. Fuckin. God.



Fuck my FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!!!

Life does NOT stop for people. The fabric of the universe will continue to undulate with the movement of strings, people are going to die no matter what, and dammit, everyone (including me) thinks that their little EGO is SO IMPORTANT! Well you know what? FUCK YOU! FUCK ME! FUCK EVERYTHING, cause none of it matters.

I want coffee now.

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What A Day...sigh

sigh...yup...well let me see...happened?:

1) i woke up late 'cause i went fishing last night and didn't get home until 3...woke up at 6:30 but ended up falling back asleep and waking up at 7:30 which almost ALMOST made me late to class...

2) this girl, Caitlin, gave me a present for christmas and i know that she still likes me...so it's a lil weird...but i ended up opening it 'cause certain people were noisy and wanted to know what she got me...she got me what i wanted (well i told everyone to get me this lol) SOCKS!! && a necklace with a flower pendant...OMG...yup...when i saw it i was like...OH MAN she still likes me 'cause she asked me out before but i turned her down 'cause i don't feel anything towards her and she's a friend...which is SOOOOO off limits in my book even if i did like her...which i don't. it's sad though 'cause one of my friends that she hangs out with called me up after school and asked me what i would do if caitlin asked me out again...and i told her the truth...sad...

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