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One Loveable Creature

Through the hardships that I have had, either telling my parents and friends about my sexuality or battling my depression. There is one thing I know, that one living creature has stood by my side this entire time with unbounding love and affection and that would be my dog, who's name is Shep. Without him, I don't think I would have been able to make it. I think I would have had a mental break down and possibly commited suicide. But he was there for me the entire time, showing me love and affection and always listening to my feelings as well as just being by my side.

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How I try to be funny xD

LOL im stupiddd. Thought i'd share xD anddd im the blondey :p

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The Lesbionic Woman

Lesbionic Woman #2: Why are we fighting?
Lesbionic Woman #1: Fighting? I'm not fighting.

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ThinkB4YouSpeak PSA with Hilary Duff and Wanda Sykes

Sorry it's up here twice. I meant to put it in a forum.

I wish I could show this to everyone in my school.

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ThinkB4YouSpeak PSA with Hilary Duff and Wanda Sykes

I wish I could show this to everyone in my school.

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Mango Kiss anyone?

Anyone seen "Mango Kiss?" I have seen most but not all. From what I saw it was great. Damn it was funny! And I tell ya what I could relate to those women. If you want to watch a preview check out the link below.

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Cheerful stuff

I'm in a less-than-fabulous mood right now, and I decided--hey, why not have a place for people to post things that would cheer me (and others) up? So if you know a funny joke, or have a cute anecdote, or saw a funny movie on YouTube, or have anything to post that you think might cheer anyone up--this is the place for it!!

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queer quips...

have you ever heard a good gay joke...? please share it..and for the sakes of all higher powers...try to make them positive...?

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ways my life is like an episode of will and grace...

+i use jewish humor like grace ~(actual convo. with my friends)"hey there's a new kosher chinese place on the corner. wanna go?" " sure, i'm in the mood for a little sweet and sour 'oy! my back!' " "really cuz i was thinkin' about somethin' more like mu shu "it would kill you to call your mother?"

+i have ridden in elevator and started humming when i paused, some one else joined in and that's how we met...

+have played 100,000 pyramid, and BEATEN will/grace's time!!!

+have done tango with friends to cheer them/me up

+am equilly, if not more, bitchy then Jack McFarland

Favorite comedian?

Ellen DeGeneres
42% (5 votes)
Margaret Cho
8% (1 vote)
Eddie Izzard
0% (0 votes)
Demetri Martin
8% (1 vote)
Dane Cook
33% (4 votes)
Jim Gaffigan
8% (1 vote)
Total votes: 12
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Any one heard a good joke lately?

Any one heard a good joke lately? You know that humor and laughter make the world go around ...well at least it makes it much better!

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For the Three People on Earth Who Haven't Seen It Yet...

This just frickin' cracks me up. It is so MY sense of humor.

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Helen Of Troy Vs Brad Pitt Vs Orlando Bloom

I was just reading Merrics journal and she mentioned the movie Troy. That got me thinking about the first time I saw it. I went to the theaters with my dad to see Troy this was 2004 and about a year before I started to seriously question my sexuality. The funny thing is that Helen of Troy in the movie totally caught my eye. I was...I don't know how to say it. I just liked her you know?

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Turning down a dude

Okay, so the other day I was on facebook and some random dude added me as a friend. So I messaged him to ask if I knew him or not. He says he added me cause I seem to like hockey as much as he does. So I'm like okay. so we start messaging back and forth about hockey when all of a sudden he asks me if I have msn. So I give him my msn thing.

when was your first homosexual encounter?

24% (4 votes)
24% (4 votes)
41% (7 votes)
12% (2 votes)
Total votes: 17
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This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is MY LAND

I was watching this special about Whitney Houston on T.V. and she had gone to Israel with her husband, Bobby Brown, to partake in a ceremony honouring black Hebrews. Garbed in Israeli attire, she was getting ready to board the plane back to America and yelled, "I LOVE ISRAEL--IT'S MY LAND!"

Me: O_O *laughs fucking ass off*

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Youtube (A Love Song)

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queers in history

ok, so this is totally random, but when i logged in, the little google adsense thing said "queers in history" and i totally thought of the whole muppets thing that used to be on tv, that'd be like "pigs in space" and was just imagining a parody with queers instead. granted, the pigs in space things was a parody too. and now that i'm remembering most of you are like what, 13? 16?

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Candles, power outs, apple juice, cousins, and crazyness.

Well, It's been like a week right? You'll understand why I haven't posted for a week if you read what happened. =3

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The Schitt Story

Most of the forum topics seem to be so serious lately so I thought I would post something to try and lift the mood. It is the holiday season after all guys! =]
The Schitt Story

For sometime many of us have wondered just who is Jack Schitt? We find ourselves at a loss when someone says, "You don't know Jack Schitt!" Well, thanks to my genealogy efforts, you can now respond in an in intellectual way.

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