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Documentary on a Gay American Hero of 9/11

A must see, Saint of 9/11, the story of a Gay American Hero. A positive validating image of a Gay man, sacrificing himself for others!

"Greater love has no one than that they give their life for their friends."
Mychal gave his life serving the men and women of the New York Fire Dept at the Twin Towers on Sept 11, 2001, infamously known as 9/11.
Come and see the inspiring and moving documentary of Mychal Judge's life. Thurs. Sept. 11, 2014, @ 7pm. Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, 202 Harvard. You will be encouraged!

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How can I get out of the closet?

I'm stuck in the closet because I'm still kind of questioning. I've been trying to get out of the questioning phase since I was fourteen. I am almost eighteen now.

I tried to come out as gay when I was fourteen, but no one believed me. That made me very confused so I started identifying as bi.

I came out as bi and people were more willing to believe that. I regret coming of as bi because I don't really think I'm bi anymore. I think a lot of my "attraction" to guys was just anxiety.

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January 2o 2o14

My name is abigail and i am infact gay. Its not like anyone is going to change me! i have a wonderful girlfriend named Emily and we have been dating for a month and a half and its been the best for me.

If you want to talk about anything please message me and feel free to. I will get back to you ASAP since i have two twitters, and two different wattpads, so it would be hard to check up on this as much is i do my other accounts.

But yeah.

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a poem that some or none may like...(WARNING!! QUITE ADULT SUBJECT MATTER)

(I wrote this last easter and still find it rather odd. no disrespect meant to any religion, just something to read as a responce to "Two loves")



As they took him from the cross

I, the centurion, took him in my arms-

the tough lean body

of a man no longer young,

beardless, breathless,

but well hung.
He was still warm.

While they prepared the tomb

I kept guard over him.

His mother and the Magdalen

had gone to fetch clean linen

to shroud his nakedness.

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i do not know why i watch gay porn when i dont like guys like that

I'm just a guy interested in girls... But also in seeing pennises, its really annoying.. But I keep doing it. Watching gay porn and watching pennises, I colud never touch a guy like that, but once I even masturbated to it... HELP

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Came out

On January 20th i came out to my mom. Boy was that the worst mistake i made. lol i mean she went through a heckload of personalities in a matter of 1 & 1/2 days.

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My debacle

Dear Journal,

Most of us would like to think that our parents are the most trust worthy of all people and would do nothing to disrespect and or go against that. Sadly, that would sometimes mean having to live a double life to please them.

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Teen Problems

Dear Journal,

To a lot of high school students our final year must go out with a bang-whether that means getting a whole new wardrobe, showing a side that people never thought to have seen of you or getting a date for all the social events that are going on that graduating students would most definitely want to take part in. Now, the main problem is that although it’s nice to go to these events with your closest friends and create the best of memories with them, a small part of me wishes that I do that with a potential partner.

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Not sure if I am gay or not...

I am 16 years old, living in a small town full of white, religious people. Up until a couple days ago, I thought I was straight, but now I am not so sure. I have never been interested in sex with a female; I feel as if I am attracted to them, but I have never been able to watch straight or lesbian porn. I am the only one who dresses fashionably in my school, I love musicals, and I find myself attracted to some men. I get aroused when seeing naked men and/or gay porn. The problem is, I don't really feel gay.

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Book Recommendations?

Hey everyone. I was just wondering what good books you might know of that have like gay couples. I have read Kissing Kate, Rage, Keeping You a Secret, and others but I can't remember the names of them. I'd really appreciate some book titles so I can read them. They inspire me to come out and be my crazy self :) thanks a bunch <3

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Kryptonite Tears

*A story I wrote inspired by the song "Superman" by Five For Fighting.*

The football field is completely deserted at 6:30 on Sunday evening. The washboard sky is stained a buttery amber and I'm sprawled on the hood of my station wagon, waiting for my best friend, Ryder.

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august rush eyes

Some people like to set sail
for topaz shores and linger
on palm-laden boulevards,
but this boy prefers the intimidating
skyscrapers of a foil wrap silver metropolis.
He thirsts for prism raindrops,
longing to hear the blaring
noise of Navajo taxis speeding past.
Indeed, late into a shiny billboard dream,
he swears he can taste sugary crumbs
from Breakfast at Tiffany's on his tongue.
It might sound silly but the kid is actually
a lost ghost from black and white films.

He wakes up in an unremarkable place
where most folks his age
don't understand why he

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Richard Siken

You guys have to check out Richard Siken's poetry! It's seriously one of the most brilliant and beautiful things I've ever read and it's helping me write the boy/boy poems I've posted here as of late :P My favorite poem of his is called "Little Beast" but they're all so seductive and gorgeous and haunting. Here's a link to his webpage but I went as far as buying his book "Crush" on Amazon because I'm that much in love with his writing :D So I hope you enjoy it also..

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Paper Towns

The late November night smokes a pack of
Hershey cigarettes and it's as if nobody
understands how those toxic jokes
make me feel trapped in
this claustrophobic place.
So I have no choice but to
go home and pick up my boxing gloves,
preparing myself for another round of bullying.

You may call me proud but don't exaggerate.
I've been pushed around and
shoved into dumpsters long enough
to know that discrete strength is
the key to survival.
It's about teachers turning a blind eye
and death threats in the cafeteria.
Baby, it's about roller coaster feelings

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tight jeans and theatrical boys

I pull up in his dad's driveway and
the boy sitting on the stoop looks
like Saint Exupery's treasured little prince
with subtle stars smeared on his face and neck.
When he climbs inside my used Sentra,
I tell him about this quirky realization.
"You're both so cute and opinionated."
He grins and replies that it's his favorite book
to read when life is particularly rough.

Cappuccino sips and playful shoves
convert the evening into something
brilliantly unstable and devastatingly 'teenager'.
I want to kiss him violently so we can stop this
annoying game of cat and mouse.

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Gay should equal Happy right ?

I just look at straight people with children and livin a happy life and despise them because they were not born gay . Its not my FUCKING fault , and i have people judging me with their disguting looks and the things they say . no one wants to be around Nick , and i can just look at my mothers face and tell she wishes she had a more athletic , cute , ladys man as a son and not some sensitive female-like child . Im just tired of life . u may see it as a little problem if your not gay yourself , but its huge and determines your mood most of the time

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I am Hurt so bad

Im a 15 year old boy . Im battling with being gay and I dont want to be gay . I imagine having a wife with kids but Im just not attracted to females for some odd reason . Well , it was a couple a months ago when I was spending a night at my cousens house , all night we seemed to be flirting and I got a few gay vibes for him . So when we were about to go to sleep , i was so tempted , got under the covers with him and got on top of him (THATS IT) hes 15 too , and he turned over and said "What you doin." He left the room and waited until i was sleep to come back to the bed and sleep .

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Is he gay?

**** Explicit content ****
Please understand I have to share intimate details in order to have your advice.
Thank you.


Hi everyone,

Please give me your advice if possible.

I'm a straight woman in her thirties.
I met a man 1 year ago and we started going out.
We are having fun and I really like him.

We are not living together at this time and I have to say that I'm doubting about his orientation. I really like him but somethings make me think he is gay...

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Would You Care to Listen to my Heart for only a moment?

Last week it was Valentines Day.
I celebrated my one-month anniversary with my boyfriend.


My Daughter Just Told Me She Is Gay?1

I am a Foster Parent to a 14 year old girl. She has been in my and my husband's care for almost 6 months now... we love her very much :)

My daughter has to go to weekly therapy sessions, because of things that happened in her biological mothers home. As I was picking her up recently from therapy, her Therapist pulled me to the side. She told me that my daughter revealed to her that she was a LESBIAN!!

I was (am) in complete shock! Well... we did suspect that she was Gay, because of her masculine dress and ways... but to hear it confirmed... we are just torn about this.

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