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"Gay History 101" Anybody?

Would you guys like me to put a little Gay History 101 class together for you? I think it's really important that you understand the evolution of gay culture. We do have a rich and colorful history and cultural heritage, you know. I mean, not only the American Gay rights Movement, which was an important one, but how homosexuals influenced history, art, technology, politics.

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The History Boys

I just watched a really good movie called The History Boys! Anyone else seen it? What's your fav. gay-theme involved movie? This one had a lot of gay-theming going on, right now I can't pinpoint my favourite homo-happy (or unhappy) movie though!

A Love To Hide: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"A Love to Hide" takes place in 1942 Paris, as the country is under German occupation during World War II. As the movie opens, we see Sara escaping, and learn to find that she is Jewish, her family was killed, and she barely escaped alive.

She goes to see Jean, an old friend she knows from when their families used to vacation at the same place each year when they were just kids. She always had a crush on Jean, who sets her up to live with Philippe, his friend. Jean's family owns a laundry that has no choice but to deal with a lot of German military officials to stay in business, so it isn't safe to keep her with his family.

As Sara wonders whether her childhood crush on Jean will turn into something again, now that they are adults, she sees Jean saying goodbye to Philippe, and their kiss lets her know her future with him isn't likely to happen.

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