Gay Life

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coming out

First I thought I was straight,
Then I thought I was bi,
Now I know that I am gay.
I love being who I really am.

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How do I find out? Please Help

Alright. This is going to sound majorly dumb... But I am so confused, and I need answers.

There is this boy. He shall remain nameless through this whole thing. ;)

He has been my friend ever since he and I join BoyScouts. We have always been back-to-back partners, always doing the right things, always the highest up teachers (as far as kids go) to teach the younger ones. We have always tented together.... and then there was this one night.

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ways my life is like an episode of will and grace...

+i use jewish humor like grace ~(actual convo. with my friends)"hey there's a new kosher chinese place on the corner. wanna go?" " sure, i'm in the mood for a little sweet and sour 'oy! my back!' " "really cuz i was thinkin' about somethin' more like mu shu "it would kill you to call your mother?"

+i have ridden in elevator and started humming when i paused, some one else joined in and that's how we met...

+have played 100,000 pyramid, and BEATEN will/grace's time!!!

+have done tango with friends to cheer them/me up

+am equilly, if not more, bitchy then Jack McFarland

In a guy do you look for?

The Looks
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The Inside Heart
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A little of Both
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