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Signs of life for GLM project?

I'm going to post the link to the original thread where the idea was spawned, first of all. It's been locked (otherwise that's where this post would be!), but it clarified most of the confusion I had as to what the project was.

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Gay Like Me Project Shelved...For Now

Well, I got six submissions for the Gay Like Me project this time. Kudos to the six of you who made the effort. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, it's not enough to go ahead with the project at this time.

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Gay Like Me - The Resurrection - REMEMBER THIS DATE: 6.29.07


I know that many of you were disappointed by the failure of the Gay Like Me Project. Well, so was I, so much so that I decided to try it again in a little bit different way. I believe that this new project can and will succeed, so everyone listen up and get ready to participate.

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GLM - Update

Just a quick update on the GLM project:

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Here's another survey question for you guys. As with the other two questions, I'll be using a sampling of the answers in the Gay Like me book.

Do you consider yourself Totally Out, Partially Out or Totally Closeted? Why? What made you decide to tell all, to tell some or not to tell at all?

Answer with as much detail as you'd like.

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GLM - It's Official

Okay it's official. The deadline for Gay Like Me submissions has been moved to March 15th. Here's what we need:

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Ok guys,

Here's another way for you to participate in the Gay Like Me project without creating a piece of your own. Just answer the survey questions as best you can. Here's the second Question:

Have you ever had thoughts of suicide? If so, to what extent, if any, do you think those thoughts had to do with your sexuality?

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I Got Two Submissions Today

I now have a total of about a dozen. There better be a hell of a lot of you working on late submissions or this project isn't going to fly.

Just a heads up.

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Hi Everyone!

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GLM Posts

Hey guys!

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Okay, I've said these before, but I want to make sure everyone knows the ground rules here so that this project goes smoothly, so here we go again:

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Attention photographers!

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Editors for the Gay Like Me Project

Hi Guys!

I have chosen three editors to help with the Gay Like Me Project. Their job will be to help me to help you polish up your work both before and after you submit it to me.

The three people I chose are:

The Mouse that Roared

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Gay Like Me - Some Topic Ideas

I was thinking of how this book might lay out this morning and it occurred to me that we're bound to wind up with certain categories which will lend themselves well to being chapters in the book. It also occurred to me that if we can brainstorm some of these catagories in advance, it may help people to come up with things to write (or do artwork) about.

I can think of two right away:

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The new Gay Like Me forum is here! From now on, you should post your work in progress or anything else related to the project on this forum.

A couple of reminders:

There is no limit to how much you can submit. The project editors will work with you to come up with an appropriate amount of material to go into the finished product.

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