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Out in the Open LGBTQ Documentary Seeks Submissions

RealStreaMedia is a production company in Los Angeles looking for participants in communities across the United States for it’s not for profit Documentary “Out in the Open”, premiering at OUTFEST, 2012.

“Out in the Open” is geared towards empowering LGBTQ youth all around the world by interviewing LGBTQ and Straight allies alike to create awareness and stop the abuse and bullying once and for all.

8 - The Mormon Proposition: Movie Review

By Jeff Walsh

Watching "8: The Mormon Proposition," it's hard to get past the central irony of the Mormon church fighting against alternative marriage, given the church's polygamist roots. But this documentary covering the Mormon's church's fight against gay marriage does make you almost sorry for people who can put such questionable religious teachings above their own family members, friends, and loved ones.

The documentary sheds light on one of the core problems the Mormon church has with gay marriage, which is related to their concept of an afterlife. I will write it out without editorial comment for the sake of brevity. In a nutshell, when you die, you go to your own planet, are reunited with your spouse, and you then have babies and repopulate your planet. I can't watch such nonsense twice to see if I'm missing any details here, but suffice it to say if they allow gay marriage, then their afterlife doesn't work because you have two guys sitting on a planet alone, OK?

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Is It Really That Big A Deal?

Warning: this may sound silly.

So I posted an article about Prop 8 and a couple of those laws that passed in other states (like the adoption one in Arkansas) on my Facebook. A friend of mine (incidentally, the only person in my dorm I'm out to... but that's cuz she flat-out asked) commented on it, "I am sorry sweetie. But I am against Gay Marriage."

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spur-of-the-moment thought on my state's laws...

My state is one of those that has passed, of all things, a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT banning gay marriage. This happened a couple years ago, when I: a) was too young to vote, and b) did not know I was gay. Though I do remember wishing I could go to a rally in opposition to said amendment. (I was afraid to ask my mom about it. No idea what she thinks of LGBTQ people...)

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LGBT Organizations Urge Couples Marrying in California to "Make Change, Not Lawsuits"

Four LGBT legal organizations and five other leading national LGBT groups have issued a statement entitled “Make Change, Not Lawsuits.” The statement explains that while couples who go to California to marry should ask friends, neighbors and institutions to honor their marriages, they generally shouldn’t sue.

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i need help with a school project on gay marriage

so in my great womens writers class we had to come up with a controversial topic and make a speach and a poster for it. I got my group to choose, much to my enjoyment, for gay marriage. and i need some good slogans to put on out sighn, and i cant think of any so can anyone help me?

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Vast mountains, vaster Irishwoman.

When it is finally morning, when the birds have seen the sunrise and decided the sky is sufficiently bright, I have been opening my eyes these past few days to see what at first glance appears to be a glorious painting sitting underneath the pane of my window.

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I love my state!

The legislature in MA today voted to keep same-sex marriage, not to vote on it. No stress, not even a debate. The future of gay marriage in MA is pretty certain now. Love love love MA!!! And Deval, too, of course. If Mitt was still around, he'd lobby to vote on this when everyone was planning on banning gay marriage.

DeGeneres, Heche and Etheridge come out to support gay marriage

By Jeff Walsh

Ellen DeGeneres has been through a lot in the past two years.

She had to deal with the media scrutiny about the character on her now-defunct television show coming out of the closet, which was closely followed by the Religious Right boycotting ABC and Disney, which produced her show. At the end of that television season, she eventually did come out both as Ellen the actress/comedian and Ellen the character on the show.

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