Gay Movies

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Gay movie, eh?

I watched Fingersmith and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, this weekend. Both were quite good and both managed to evoke some kind of emotion from me.

I LOVED the first part of Fingersmith, it was so good! And the romantic-y bits were fantastic. The love scene was quite nice; kinda hot but not explicit (not a bad thing at all in my books.) But the second part was kind of underwhelming to me. Plus, there weren't any romantic bits, save for one...and I'm a romanceaholic. I crave it and feed on it in all types of media.


...before I went to bed I rewatched all the good bits XD

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Gay/Lesbian Movies

I've watched a few gay movies over the past couple years. Whenever there's one on tv I make sure to watch it. So what I wanna know is what gay movies are your favourite or if u want which ones did u hate?

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But I'm A Cheerleader!

Has anybody watched the movie But I'm A Cheerleader?

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Lovelyboy+Movie Theatre = Kissing in the Dark!

Alright, this is from actual weeks upon weeks ago, but it’s worth getting out there and recounting some more of it made me feel very happy so hurrah:

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The History Boys

I just watched a really good movie called The History Boys! Anyone else seen it? What's your fav. gay-theme involved movie? This one had a lot of gay-theming going on, right now I can't pinpoint my favourite homo-happy (or unhappy) movie though!

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