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Gay Pride :D

Went to Gay Pride on saturday and it was a really good day - the place itself was a bit small and boring but the people there were amazing! :D
reconnected with a girl I haven't spoken to in a long time, and she still seems to like me which is nice.. in a way.

met a few new girls - some took notice, some didn't.
it felt kinda weird because I know so few gay / bisexual girls around my area that I find it strange when people take obvious interest.

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Guys Are Yummy

Hiya everyone! I'm new here and I didn't really know what to write for my first entry, so here's a poem I wrote for a poetry jam at my school. I hope you guys like it!!!

Guys Are Yummy:

When people look over here, I wonder what they see
because their complimenting isn’t quite all is cracked up to be.
You see, their eyes can’t see past the
(6π ± 2i√5)/cosΦ (six pi plus-minus two i radical five over cosine phi)
that makes me feel like suicide. No!
When I get recognized I want them to see me,
all two hundred and thrity pounds, five and two-thirds feet

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Closet Case wants to go to the Gay Pride Parade

Ok, so my horrifically long explanation of this situation has just been deleted because my internet loves to fail. Its probably for the best though because its quite simple. Houstons having its huge pride parade on Saturday and I've wanted to go for years, however I have also just got invited to go to Galveston with one of my good friends who is also a girl i've liked for a long time. She goes there a lot so it's not like I wont have other opportunity to go down there.

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So yeah. I went to the Gay Pride Parade at the capitol. the whole parade was really fun. I walked in the religious contingent, with other memebers of my church (including my mom), and I got invited to a methodist youth reconciling (protestant code for gay) camp-conference thingy (not really sure) in Colorado. Epic! And there were more spectators this year, which was good, but still not nearly enough. I think the highlight has to be with the anti-gay protesters. Sounds weird, yes I know, but stay with me.

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Queer life in the city

I've been doing some research on GLBT life in this new city(I now live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada). So far I've learned of a few GLBT youth groups, a couple of GLBT clubs/bars, and a Queer pride celebraton in the summer.

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are you proud to be gay?

Are you proud to be gay? Pride tells a lot about people. Their feelings, insecurities, attitudes about life... and with the whole gay pride movement... I'm just curious, of all the peoples on oasis, what most people would answer and why.

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Snickers' "kiss" ad pulled after charges it's anti-gay

Here's why gay pride is important, so that crap like this isn't allowed to go unchallenged.

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Why do people have gay pride?

The main focus of the gay rights movement is striving for equality. The same rights, the same jobs, the same opportunities... yet, so many gay people show this sense of undeserved pride.

Why should people be proud just because they're gay?

Isn't that rather like saying, "Hey, I'm different from straight people and proud of it!"

Gay Pride

By Jeff Walsh

To this writer, gay pride always seemed an uneven mix of sex and politics. But that all changed when I went to the 1994 Pride Parade in New York City. I had written against gay pride parades before attending that event, but my viewpoint changed when I saw the school bus come down the street.

It's all kind of surreal now, so I don't know if it was a real school bus. For some reason, I think it was a fake float made to look like a school bus. In any event, the float was sponsored by the Hetrick-Martin Institute, a gay city high school.

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