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PFLAG Pamphlets

Hi Guys!

As I promised WantsOut in an earlier post, I have recreated the PFLAG page on my website, It has all the latest pamphlets by PFLAG (Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays), including one for parents of trannies, bisexuals, for religious families and even one for GLBT kids themselves. These are all very good, and I highly recommend them for you and your parents.

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I decided I'm gonna ask my buddy Luke about this group in my city that meets every Friday night somewhere downtown. It's an all gay group and I don't know exactly what goes down there, but I think right now all I need is support. I'm driving myself insane. I just realized sometyhing this weekend. Even if my girl does love me back, she can't be with me. Her boyfriend would make sure I'm sent to the ER if she ever broke up with him for a girl. And well, that's kind of depressing. I guess really all I want now is to be around others like me, who go through the same stuff I am. Like, in real life. For support, you know. My school's GSA keeps me pretty sane, it's one of two reasons I like school. I mean, I feel normal there, if there even is a such thing as normal.

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