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ideas for GSA activites

So, I was really psyched to join GSA this year, and of course really proud of myself for going, but we haven't done *anything* this year. We literally have not. Actually, that's not true--we made posters for Coming-Out Day, but the leader never put them up. And that's kind of the issue--the student leader is not doing anything, and our teacher sponsor comes up with ideas but they never get implemented. On top of that, all of the people in GSA are not showing up. We'll have 4 or 5 people each Tuesday even though there are like 20 in the club. It's kind of depressing.

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Youth Programs

Googling to find LGBT centers in my area is difficult. Maybe some of you have the same problem: you want to get involved in programs, camps, centers, and in general socialize with other gay youth, but you can't find any centers in your area.

So is there anyone that knows of any links or easier ways to find gay youth programs in our own area?

I thank you in advance!

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