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Anyone just want to talk about religious things and how they affect people. In my opinion, christians are against LGBT and its having a huge impact on me.

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Struggling? Feeling suicidal? LGBT? Check out our site. We CAN help.

This is a site my friend and I created. Sign the guestbook, comment, give advice, talk to us about it. We'll try to help. I promise (: join today! freeee :D

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Being Gay or bisexual and trying to change it

I need to know. Is there anyone struggling like me? and can anyone help or need mine?

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First Gay AA Meeting

This evening I attended my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Bremerton WA. I was fortunate enough to find a gay/lesbian oriented meeting to attend, especially on this side of the Puget Sound. I wanted to make sure that if I was going to take this serious and open up to my recovery, I do so in an environment where I did not need to have barriers up. I was excited that the meeting was held at a local Episcopal church because I grew up Episcopalian. Due to the spiritual based rehabilitation that AA offers, I think it will benefit me to reestablish my former spiritual ties with God.

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World AIDS Day is Right Around the Corner

December 1st is World AIDS Day. For those of you that don't know exactly what that entails, it's a day to bring awareness to the importance of testing and knowledge about this growing concern around the world and here at home.

Me personally have known and/or know a few people that have confided in me about having this horrible disease and they don't deserve it. Lets help each other and put a stop to the spread of HIV and other life threatening diseases.

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Still Broken

So... I've been crying for the past twenty minutes over my ex girlfriend who dumped me back in March...

I just feel like a failure; I spent three years trying to help her get over her social anxiety and I dropped everything for her and it still wasn't good enough. If I was in a relationship with someone else I'd drop it the moment she said she still loved me, I disassociated myself from my family because they never approved of us, and she still just dropped me like I was nothing...

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First Meeting!

SO today marked the first meeting of my GSA at school! It turned out absolutely brilliant! We had about twenty people show up with little to no advertising (only an announcement on the P.A this morning and myself telling the school music department about it) as opposed to last year's measely ten members- and that was on a good day!

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GSA Projects

Hey so the new school year is up and running and so is my lovely GSA! As the founder and president I'm in charge of running events, seeing as no teachers wants to help us out, and I was wondering if anybody on here had some ideas for events!
So far I've decided on doing the Clothesline Project and actually having a NOH8 photoshoot so if anybody could give me some more ideas I would be really appreciative! :D

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Confused/Anxious over my sexuality

Hello everyone,

Im 20 and for the past year or so ive been worried over my sexuality. It all started after one day randomly thinking 'What if i was gay?', from there it started to develop into a much more serious question and wouldnt stop bothering me.

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What Now?

So this is an update about my problem in "Her Confusion".

My girlfriend is now considering actually getting a sex change, she isn't just wondering about the whole transgender thing. Last night she was even discussing names with me.

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Her Confusion

So I woke up to a text this morning from my girlfriend of 4 months. She was telling me for the first time that she has always felt like she should have been a boy. That she would be more comfortable as one and everything.

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My Coming Out Story

SO I've never actually typed out my coming out story even though it happened two years ago. Goodness knows that after what happened to force me out warned me against writing down any important thought or feelings. But here goes nothing:

Two years ago, my grade nine year in high school, I fell in love with my best friend. She had already came out to me as being bisexual and before her I had always assumed myself to be straight. But one day it just clicked inside me that I was in love with her.

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Decision Time

It is decision time. I have two options.

Live a lie my entire life to make my mother and grandmother happy, and keep everything in their perfect christian worlds perfect.


I could be myself and live without fear, without lying every 10 seconds and without hating myself, but also without a family.

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bisexual and in love with a straight boy.

I've just joined and I don't even know if this is the right place to post it, but I just want to get my feelings out.

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Drugs and Alcohol

I've fallen completely head over heals for this man whom I've been involved with yet not actually been dating or seeing. hes a bit of a free spirit that believes it is selfish to limit your body to one person. he has a drug problem and a problem with alcohol. hes wasted every other night while popping oxies. hes gotten help for his drug addiction but i still fear for his health and well being.

Anotherworld: DVD Review

By whateversexual_llama

I have a confession: I should've written this review at least a month ago. Unfortunately, I haven't finished watching “Anotherworld” by Fabiomassimo Lozzi. And every time I had a long afternoon with nothing to do, I told myself to watch it. I put in the DVD, watched another five minutes. But I couldn't finish it. Perhaps acknowledging the unwatchability of the film is effective in and of itself.

The movie starts out as a fantastic idea - it's an experimental piece containing a series of short (one to three minute) monologues on the subject of homosexuality and homophobia. It's an Italian film with English subtitles and the characters cover a broad range of ages, sizes, fetishes, and stories. A skinhead talks about homosexuality, a priest talks about meeting with a male prostitute, a S&M sub talks about his first sexual experience. There are prostitutes, men in married heterosexual relationships -- just about every trick in the gay book.

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It really ticks me off....!-_-

Im 14 and planning on telling people at school im gay but i allready get beat up because of it its not fair i just want to be me but im to scared to do it -_- my mom knows and so do my best friends my school is very anti-gay as well it hurts when i get called stuff like gay prick etc etc why can't it be a case of he might be gay just leave him to it but no. if anyone has any ideas comment below Thanks

Ryan Linnett
or chat me on (msn only)

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Gay Teen Boys hub

I felt that it would be nice for us teen boys to just hang out, share crushes, books, movies, relax, and just be with people of our own kind.

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Oy Vey, I'm Jewish and Gay

Well, Where do I start? I'm 15, Gay, a Jew in a house of Baptists, a Liberal living in the Conservative world, and I'm the only one of the 4 gay kids I know who seem to struggle. They're so free and boundless, running around with their boyfriends and girlfriends without a care in the world, while I stay alone, desperate for someone to notice me, and bear the burdens of being a complete outsider from the southern society which surrounds me. I think I'm a decent human being, I don't hurt people, I like to laugh, I'm nice, but is that enough?

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Born This Way

Gotta love some Lady GaGa (:

A story I wrote was published by these 3 guys. They started a gay athlete blog for people to relate and share stories. I can’t make a coherent blog post now (too tired :P), so I figured I’d share with you this story. It’s kind of a cliche “I-am-who-I-am” kind of story, but I liked it at the time. Maybe with more sleep I’ll think better of it.

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