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Favorite gay or lesbain book?

Does anyone have any suggestions on any good gay and lesbian themed books worthy of reading?


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Gay Youth Center

Well, Gay Center, actually, but they've got a youth drop-in place, according to their website. I'm thinking of going there tomorrow morning. It's only a short subway ride away, and my mom will probably buy the "going for a long walk on the lakefront" excuse, or maybe I could bike over there and just label it as a bike ride. Problem is, I can't figure out when the hell they open, and I'd feel like an idiot if I got there and the place was closed. But hey, most places are open by like 10:30 / 11, right? Right. I'm nervous.

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LGBT website

Hello to those interested! I recently opened a website dedicated to LGBT communities. I have an active blog, videos, links, pop culture section, a forum, and free membership. If you're interested check it out!

Thanks for your time =)

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state the state you are in!
if not state the school you attend!
if not i dont know what the fuck you should state!

i'm in cali!
i'm in southern cali!
what the fuck should i state!

your turn!
fuck i just lost the GAME! :)

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Coming out to my roomate

So I'm 18 and getting ready to head off to college, and start a new life partially on my own. I recently decided to go ahead and come out to some friends during my last year of high school right before school let out. So far the outcome is very good, and I haven't had any troubles or backlash from telling people. But in a few months, I will be meeting and moving in with my roommate for college, and I wanna know first whether or not I should tell him that I am gay. Second, I want to know how should I go about telling him.

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I have editing problems...

So yeah. I went to the mall with my gay friend B. It was awesome as usual. He's awesome and I'm awesome so yeah. We go together like two peas in a pod (not like that). If were to try and fuck each other, it would be like that one episode of Will and Grace where they are trying to get pregnant. Awkward!

Edit: I bought rainbow socks today at Claire's. (I forgot to tell you guys that).

Anyways. I might be attracted to my bro's friend Z. I don't know though. For some reason, I'm always attracted to assholes when it comes to guys (well maybe just recently at least). Bad boyz : )

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My First Entry

Hey everyone, my name is Julia. Or Salvatore, which ever one's easier. I'm 14 and I live in New Zealand.

Well I'm gay, I know that fo dizzle. Some people are accepting, others find it a little weird. It doesn't help that i go to an all girls school, either.

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this is kind of a forum but not

Okay I am going to be getting a new oasis name soon. I don't like the name wantstobeout. I'll tell you when I do in case you'd like to know. I'll post a journal or something. It will probably have something to with... (sorry not gonna tell yet. I'm a tease.) Okay so also I'm thinking of names that start with E.

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movie wanted!!!

does anybody know where i can find a movie called 'IN & OUT'???

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so here goes...

Okay so I need to write this while I'm still feeling this way. I will try to use the appropriate grammar so as not to offend people with my "emo poetry" as some people like to refer to it as. I met a couple people tonight that were very cool. *shakes hand with you* It was cool. I enjoyed hanging with people. It was fun. '

Applebee's was good. I enjoyed it. Then I hung with some boys. Fun stuff.

Then I hung out with S. I smoked a cigar. Got high. Coolness.

Then I decided to dance my ass off in front of a security camera. Kind of concerning.

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SexistFags. D:<

I really disagree on the faggots that attend my school.
I'm BISEXUAL & 11 years old. Yes, 11.
I know I'm bisexual cause I like girls & guys; I'm not too young, so shuttup.
Everyone at my school looks down upon me like being gay is some kind of sickness or something. Whatever, I don't give a fuck. :D
I really wish I could just find a perrrfecttoo girl.
But it's hard.

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Totally retired now

Well my other half and I are now totally retired as of October 2008 ! We sold our home in Colorado. Bought a used motor home. Fixed it up and now are on the road.
We traveled south From Colorado into Texas. Stayed a week near Dumas Tx and enjoyed the warmer weather. Fixed a few things on the RV that we notice were not working right, then hit the road again.
A week later we were in Louisiana near a town called Monroe. Nice place to visit but not to live...boring place really. So down the road we go.

Back Soon: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Back Soon" is both the name of the movie as well as the simple text of the note Logan's wife left for him, before she was killed by a drunk driver, the one he keeps in his pocket and kisses when he thinks about her. He decides he needs to sell their house to move on, since this one overflows with memories.

He sells his house to Guillermo, someone with a bad relationship with his girlfriend, who's putting his life back together in a different way.

And such is the dilemma of gay cinema, because you know there are two male leads in a possible embrace on the DVD box, so it becomes more of a question of how or why will something will happen between two seemingly straight guys. But I'm not giving any of that away.

Clandestinos: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Clandestinos" is a Spanish film that goes down a different path than a lot of gay films. Three boys break out of juvenile prison and flee to Madrid, where Xabi, the leader of the three, tries to make contact with the leader of a Basque terrorist cell. The other two boys don't know as much about the mission from the start, but one of the boys eventually helps him practice making bombs in an abandoned apartment, with the goal of doing something public and visible to bring the cell leader out of hiding.

To fund his terrorist exploits, Xabi robs johns that pick him up in a shopping mall. One of his johns, from whom he stole money and a gun, is a cop, who doesn't take being robbed easily and tries to track him down.

Dan Savage?

I love him! He's amazing!
20% (2 votes)
I like him! He's smart!
0% (0 votes)
He's ok.. kind of perverted...
0% (0 votes)
60% (6 votes)
20% (2 votes)
Total votes: 10

3-Day Weekend: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"3-Day Weekend" puts the premise right in the title, a group of gay friends spend all of their holiday weekends in a beautiful cabin. But, since it's been the same guys telling the same stories for so long, they decide to mix it up, and every gay guy invites a single gay friend up for this weekend.

The movie tries to beat you to the punch quickly, though, mentioning this is like the set-up for "Love! Valour! Compassion!" before the audience thinks it. Of course, it's always dangerous to mention a good, similar movie, since that means you're setting a bar you better be able to clear.

Of course, we get a lot of archetypes invited. The computer geek someone works with. The centered, connected naked yoga teacher. But the biggest head turner is the last invited guest to arrive, the sex worker. Introductions aren't necessary with him, as three of the guys surprisingly call out his name at the same time when he walks in. It's almost like a sword-swallowing Breakfast Club.

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...Im new and my moms are stupid

Hey people whats up? Im new and well this place sounded cool. My friend (Bi the Book) suggested this place and well she's cool and i decided to check it out. Okay here it goes my frist entry lol!

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so recently the univ or richmond ran this letter in their student paper:

i think it captures some feelings of those who are still in the closet.

Thoughts anyone?

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Am I gay?


My name is Chris and I am 26 years old. I grew up in a very religiously devout house with a dominate mother and I say this to set you up. I recently in the last six months have begun to use my own mind to discover my beliefs versus my parents conditioning and this is something we all as people go through.

My problem is that I cant figure out my sexuality at all Im so confused.

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The Life In Pink

I too am the world
I sing the song sung by millions of others
I dance the dance they have danced
I am of the love that dares not speak its name


I sing its name out
Clearly, forcefully
I sing it in the face of aggression
I sing it through spit and rocks
I sing it at home and outside
I sing it in my bed

I love and am loved

I belong and am possessed

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