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Labels. Who needs 'em?!

Well. I'd better introduce myself since I've kinda been an invisible member of oasis.
Meaning I'd visit every day. Read posts and journals and just not log in or comment or anything else.
Quite embarrassing really =]

Well. For almost a year I've considered myself to be bi.
Not fad bi.
Not fashionably bi.
Not 'in between' bi.
But actually quite assured and happy with my Bisexuality.

This podcast is SO GAY!

I'm a big fan of podcasts. I listen to them as I walk around San Francisco, during gym workouts, you name it...

With the emphasis on relaunching Oasis, I started looking around for gay youth podcasts and didn't find all that much. To be honest, I don't like many gay podcasts in general, because they all tend to be a bunch of friends sitting around gossiping and being mean and, honestly, I don't have time for that negative energy.

So, I was really happy to find Jian's "That's So Gay" podcast the other day (it *just* launched, he's only done two episodes so far). He's just a soft-spoken, obviously intelligent guy and I just like the whole vibe he puts out on his podcast. It's sort of like an audio version of some of our writers on Oasis.

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Christmas update

Been ages since I last posted. Ish. Anyway, Christmas has been fairly fun. Didn't go out Christmas Eve due to lack of funds, but there we go. I doubt I'll go out New Years Eve either for the same reason, I don't get paid until Jan 5th.

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Hey Mickey.

So, I was taking a walk and I suddenly remembered that I want my movie back from Sora (Well, actually, my dad does... He hasn't seen it all the way through, he fell asleep.), since I was right by her house anyways (She lives down the block from me.) I decided to go over there.

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