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Gaydar confirmed :)

So yeah. At library, and I'm waiting in the line for checkout. And there's this female librarian. And I can't help but think, she's a lesbian. She's not really that butch, but hey, there was something about her, and that watch.... Of course, I reprimand myself, and I thnk "don't assume." One of the things I'm checking out, though, is "Rubyfruit Jungle" a famous lesbian coming-of-age novel. And when I hand it over to her, she smiles and says "Oh, I love this book." I don't know, it was kind of nice to a queer person in a random job, not something really stereotypical :)

Do you trust your gaydar?

25% (4 votes)
31% (5 votes)
I don't believe in Gaydar
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44% (7 votes)
Total votes: 16
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My mom has no gaydar

Unless it's your extra flamboyant gay guy or your superbutch lesbian.

I came out to my mom yesterday. It was one of my goals for this year but then I decided that I'd like to be out to her for my birthday. Somehow we started talking about penises... well she did anyways. So that made me want to come out even more. Since she's going to order the season 4 pack of the L Word I showed her the season 3 recap that's at the beginning of episode 1 of season 4. I told her so that it was so she'd know what she was buying me. All she said after was...

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Yay, i have a hot date this weekend.

So i was browsing gaydar the other night, and I found the profile for an old friend of mine , that I hadn't seen in years (ever since we used to do the drug orgy thing together).

I contacted him, and it turns out he is moving to cape town this week, plus he is single now.

So we are meeting up for sushi.

He's also really hot, and he's a doctor =)

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