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Anyone transgender...

Hey, I'm back.
I'm doing a school project on the topic of transgender people, and I need an interview for it via e-mail. I'd like to be able to interview someone transgender who's accepted being transgender and can give me some good insight and info on the topic and a personal view on it. Private message me or reply here if you're willing to let me interview you for my research paper!!
Thanks guys : )

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So today I had multiple discussions (Oddly, only one of which was started by me) on what makes you gay, bi, straight, trans, androgynous, whatever. Everybody agreed that sexual orientation was very simply something you're born with, but there was at least one person who thought that gender identity was partially environmental. I disagree with that, and I should think that it'd be even more of a birth thing than sexual orientation.

If You Believe In Mermaids, Don't Tell: Book Review

By dykehalo

"If You Believe In Mermaids... Don't Tell" is a new novel by A.A. Phillips that would be a welcome addition to the bookshelf of anyone from ages 9-12. After that, it'd still be an easy quick read, but probably too easy and quick, even for a good story. That said, I can't recall ever reading a book that is specifically about not really fitting into a gender. I think this book could help people who are dealing with gender identity issues but aren’t necessarily transgender.

Todd is a pre-teen boy and for years his father has been pushing him into sports camps every summer, and putting him on sports teams during the school year. When Todd informs his father that this year he wants to hang out by the community pool and dive all summer his father does not accept this as a reasonable way to spend the summer.

His father strongly believes that boys are meant to play sports and diving is not a sport. Todd is handed a stack of sport camp brochures and is made to choose one. However, slipped in between the brochures for sports camps is a brochure to nature camp. Todd chooses the nature camp because even though bugs gross him out he believes that anything is better then a sports camp. Besides, the nature one looks promising with the hopes of a decent lake where Todd can practicing diving.

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thoughts on butch gay men and femme lesbians

Ok, so in my work with Outlet for the past 5 years I have been noticing more and more an interesting phenomenon. It's not new, but it's new to me, at least thinking about it more is new.

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Labels/Stereotypes/Gender Identity.

I went prom dress shopping to a popular mall today.Me and my couzin sister[around 22] felt really hungry,so we rushed to the food court.
I stood there,in the line for my turn at Mc Donalds,and suddenly,the hetrosexuality of this society emerged.
Everybody seems so unaware of this typical way of living. so unconscious by the fact that there MIGHT be lesbians or gays around.

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Oy. Down the confusion road again.

So I know I like women. Some women. Haven't met one right one yet, or anything. I don't even like stereotypical beauty, but I have liked women for a long, long time.

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