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Hi there. I'm new so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is in the working, I'm searching for a gender neutral name. Right now I'm thinking of Jean. So I guess you can call me that ^^
I'm 16 years old and I'm genderqueer, ftmish. My preferred pronouns are he/him/his; and also any gender neutral one's you can think of.
This is probably the truest autobiography I have ever written.

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cutting the meat like a man

Easter was fun, but my father-in-law was a bit of an ass... I think.
The problem is I'm not sure, his sarcasm tone isn't that distinct from his sincere tone since he's fairly cranky all the time.

It was time to cut the ham and he said something to the order of, "well it has to be a man to cut the meat and I'm not going to do it because I have a headache... that means you have to do it!" and then when I said I didn't want to because I don't know anything about how to cut the meat he said, "well if you want to be a man you have to do it!"

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continuing gender talks with dad

Dad is coming to visit tomorrow and I find myself really excited and kinda nervous at the same time.

So far, he's probably my strongest ally in getting mom to come around with pronoun use and general trans* respect, but I know we've got some problems too.

For one, he supports me completely and utterly... but he's kind of a push over. When things with mom get heated he chooses the path of least resistance. There's pacifism, and then there's unhealthy relationship. He just hides in his work, or just doesn't bring it up at all, even if I really need his help.

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in which espresso vodka makes me a bit more candid than I expect

I've spent the evening feeling irrationally listless and sensitive and it's pissing me off. I'd really like to get some guys' clothes but I can't realistically afford the prices of ordering off the internet, plus shipping to Canada, and I'm paranoid about sizing.

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Introduction, sort of

Let's see.. just in case someone is actually reading this, I'll take the time to introduce myself.. Well firstly, my name is Alicia. Funny thing about my name: one's pronounced like "Aleesha" and the other is pronounced like "Aleesia." My name's pronounced like the second one. What else?

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intro and genderqueerness and stuff

my pen names draven

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What Does the Term Genderqueer Mean to You?

Hi guys!

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I'm sort of going to "come out" to Oasis during this journal entry, I suppose.

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Gender-queer? Anniversaries.

Woaaaaah... I was right!!!! I might have gaydar (transdar?

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trans just a projection of other issues?

So... A question to put out there for all of you. I was talking with my cousin a while ago about me questioning gender, because she said that she thought she was a man for a while in high school and I thought she would understand.

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All-girls' school? I could use some advice.

So it's the middle of April, college-decision-making time for seniors like me. Except that most seniors are not juggling gender identity, seven or eight academic and extracurricular interests, and gap year questions all at once in a college decision.

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I have not cut my hair since I was ten. Except for one trimming in eighth grade. That's seven years of unrestricted hair growth, seven years of long wavy brown splitting at the ends from so much combing.

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