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What'd Ya'll Get?

Happy Holidays EVERYONE!

I'm just wondering, what'd ya'll get for Christmas, Hannukah, or whatever you celebrate. I got...

-Dell Laptop (For College next year)
-Printer (Also for college)
-Ipod shuffle (It's a little midget thing! :P)
-IDog (so cute)
-a pink fuzzy freakish thing that's a speaker for my Ipod
-SOCKS!!! (Frickin' yes!)

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Gifts for the Gay Boy/Girl in Your Life!

They need a website for the gay boy/girl friends you have.

i have a friend, he's very gay, and i have no clue what to get him. i was thinking a shakira CD (he adores her) but i'm not sure which ones he has. he likes art....or at least he used to so maybe paint. i can't buy him clothes because he's got extremely expensive tastes...


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