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the concert

we danced the night away like foolish children
you lost your shoes crowd surfing
but you sang and laughed like it was nothing
they'd come back eventually
they always do

the heat choked us until our heads spun
it was sickening and exhilirating
and it made us feel so alive
we stayed close by choice
as often as we were forced

without thinking, i reached for you
you became something to me
through our sarcasm
to the side of our individualistic power
we became friends

the crowd, roaring, screaming
unintentionally made an attempt
to separate us in the chaos

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I have now come out to enough people to make a high five, so yeah, that's awesome. That makes, L (friend), H, lesbian youth minister at my church (God, I love my church!), M (friend), N (ex-boyfriend), and K (friend). M came out as bisexual to me, so I kinda reflexed and came out to him as well. Then N, ex-kinda-boyfriend, came out to me as bisexual, so I reflexed again and came out to him. He said something that seemed like he might be gay, though, that he was still questioning (which I am, too). I agonized for a bit when I was only out to one friend.

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Little Girl

I just heard a six-year-old girl say, "that's so gay."
AAH! What is the world regressing to???
On a related note, people have started ripping down the Day of Silence posters. Great.

On the whole, not a very happy journal entry. Oh well.

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This little kid is convinced I'm a dude. UP YOURS GENDER!

Okay, so I'm here in mexico staying with some family friends, and their relatives (oh, yeah, and my family), and there is this little kid here who is absolutely convinced that I am a boy. I am, by the way for anyone who cares, (believe it or not) biologically female.

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I kissed a girl

So how many poeple have heard th song "I kissed a girl"?

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how i see love: me and a beautiful girl

She doesn't need to be beautiful. I know that I would love her more than the stars, or god, or my family, or my dog even if she were scarred, or awkward, or overweight. But she is gorgeous.

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how i'm probably in love

There is nothing but McLachlan’s Adia in my head right now. I am trying not to think about her - that girl I've gotten to know so ridiculously well. The truth is—funny how I invariably tell the truth to myself in writing, if nowhere else—that I saw a video on YouTube tonight, randomly, with two girls standing in a bluish dim room, looking at each other.

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Riku here...

I just wrote something and then I was stupid and pressed a button and the stuff I just wrote is gone.. But I'm in a good mood so I'll just write it again. Whatever...

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i just can't win. i start to think i'm over her, that i can move on. live my life. i get a message for her and a grin like never before graces my lips.


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