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I'm back

okay, this is weird. i haven't been on, more than a year. but i'm sorta back, i suppose. god, my life is so screwed up right now.

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Shut up, lay down and keep your clothes on...

Some of the stupidest things I've done and the most fun I've had has been with Shelby....Being pushed up and down the sidewalk between Barnes & Nobles and the theater...In a shopping cart from Target...I was waving like a queen and hitting the barrier wall...Made the kids in the book store laugh and I was laughing so hard I was dizzy...Until the rent-a-cop showed up...And I sobered up real quick a

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Still on cloud 9

So this permanet happy phase is still going strong...Tomorrow will be two weeks...And it feels like...2 months. Shelby and I have so much fun together that everything seems like it would be more entertaining to have her there...She spent the night of Friday...This time she kept me up until 3 am, unlike last time when I kept her up.

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I might be moving to Oregon. Salem to be exact...And my girlfriend is highly against this...But I would get to be with my sister for the first time in almost two years. I miss her desperately...She was my solid ground when I needed a hand, a heart, a home. She's my everything...Or atleast in a close tie with my girlfriend. She is my sister, and that home feeling seems to travel with her.

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