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Yay! I love my glasses!

I went and picked up my new glasses a few hours ago. This is my first pair EVER, and I love them! I wore them when my mom drove me home from the eyeglass store, and everything in my neighborhood looked different. I could actually see individual leaves on the trees, instead of a bunch of green blobs. I can see a lot more detail in my surroundings whenever I wear my glasses. Yay!

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My ass has been hurting for days, and I need glasses...great

Two days ago, I was in my living room watching Moulin Rouge, and I had to pause it about a million times in order to help my four- and five-year-old siblings with problems they were having. After one of those times, I played the movie again and sat down on one of the chairs in my living room. I wasn't looking at where I was sitting, and the chair has thin wooden armrests.

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