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Made the german play and other things

I made the cast for the german play at my university!

I'm so excited I haven't acted since high school and this would improve my german so much.

Lots of good news lately. I also got chosen as one of two trainees to go to this national debating tournament. Also, I am potentially going to AMUNC in July (Australasian Model United Nations Conference) - pending how much the university is willing to subsidise us.

And the boyfriend's been goooood. We've gotten over our rough patch and we tidied my room yesterday and I bought him dinner (Thai food). It was soooo nice.

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What I learned at my sister's wedding

I have two gay cousins! TWO! And I never even knew about them. How awesome is that? They're my dad's nephew and niece (first cousins to me!) So apparently the gay genes come from my dad's side. hehe.

I saw my gay cousin at the wedding, though my lesbian cousin couldn't make it. BUT after doing some major creeping on Facebook today, I found some photos of her. She didn't have any on her profile that I, a non-friend, could see, so I clicked on one of her FB friends, that I had a hunch about, and she had photos of my cousin for me to see! Haha. So creepin'

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SO HAPPY!!!!!! I am now an official published poet!!! I submitted to Ashe Journal (which I actually heard about from Jeff, so thank you SO much, man) and just got back an email a few minutes ago saying they'd like to use my work in their magazine. Huzzah! After I read it, I jumped around my house yelling, "Hot diggidy damn!" over and over. Good thing no one was home! Yowza, I'm so ecstatic!

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