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Lesbian=Traumatized=Man-Hating, or A Week in the Life of a College Grad

So it was one of those weeks, those weeks when the best thing that happened to you was that you got $200 in food stamps, expedited. Damn, you think. I didn’t even know I was that poor! Those weeks when certain oral surgery, riding six buses to get to one job interview, failing your road test for a second time (despite praying for a license so employment is possible), and just generally coming to the realization that you no longer are capable of seeing beauty in the world just kinda start to get to you. But, man, getting $200 in food stamps—expedited!

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New start.

Welll....I graduate high school today.
And I'm 18 in August.
My mom and stepdad (favorite parents) are moving to Arizona in like a month cause he has asthma and has been working for like 30 some years and can't do another winter. Also family down there. And my mom goes too.

...I'm with the dad and stepmom who genuinely love me and try their hardest, but I will never be Trey Casen Willliams, male, and their son to them.
they just don't see it.

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Life In Snippets

“Open it,” my father says over his shoulder as he stands on a ladder applying a second layer of paint to our garage. This has been a year of renovations for my family. Gone is the tree with the birdfeeder, now reduced to a stump in the backyard. The single bathroom in the house has been transformed nearly beyond recognition and there’s talk of laying carpet in the living room to mask the battered wooden floor.

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Last Two Weeks of High School: Coming out?

So... I was talking to may gay friend who graduated last year, and I was mad at him because he didn't come out in high school. I mean, jeez, he would have made me so much happier if we both knew about each other. And he could have been a role model for so many kids at school.

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