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Grounded for Life

Another long story starting in the distant past. This past even more distant, actually. I hope the story won't be as long.

This one starts more than five years ago. I was in sixth grade, I think. I decided one day (although in my mind I had been considering the idea for quite some time) to leave the kid with whom I had been best friends since about kindergarten or first grade and to hang out with a different crowd.

The next day, my mother bought me flowers. And I've been functionally grounded ever since.

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Haven't wirrten an entry in a while... Be warned: This is long, and pretty boring...

Hello everyone, I'm just updating a little, because I've been offline for soo long.

Yeah, I was grounded from my computer for forever, which is why I've been off, and when I actually could get on, I spent all my time reading everyone's posts instead of contributing... ^^;;;

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