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My fingers hurt

So I decided to get an account on here, because I've sort of fallen out of touch with the online LGBT community, or whatever you wanna call it. It might help me to be able to blog about random shit in my life. I used to have a blog, but then I just got too busy for it and got out of the habit.

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NCIS, recording stuffs, and GUITARS!!!

So watching NCIS today I found out that the female director DIES in the most recent season!!! I was like, "WTF did they do that for?!?" Especially now that the black guy is in charge b/c he took all of Gibbs' team away, so it's like, "WTF are you gonna do to make it NOT suck?" They're already ruining the series by making an NCIS: Los Angeles...

In other news... we had to re-record the guitar for electronic music... now THAT was stressful. But, whatever, at least it's done now, for the most part.

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Loud Shiny Object

So, I've learned to play 'Science Fiction/Double Feature' on the guitar. It makes me happy. I can now play a grand total of 3 songs. (The other two are 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' and '20th Century Boy'). It's very satisfying, and my guitar makes me feel sexy. It's a shiny black Fender Telecaster, and its ability to make a lot of noise that is completely controlled by me is oddly seductive.

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Can't think of a title

I've givin up on trying to teach myself how to play guitar, so I'm calling this place tomorrow to get lessons. I told my dad about it and he said I would have to pay for them myself, ugh that means all the money I will get for painting the fence will have to go to lessons. About that, I'm dumb and decided to paint the fence in my Vans, well they're now ruined.

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Death Note!

Yesterday I got volumes 2, 3, and 4 of Death Note from the library, and I've finished them all already. ^_^ I love this series. God, I swear, Light is starting to get so EVIL and mentally unstable. He's scaring me... o.o

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