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My wonderful fucked up life

My life is still a complete mess and everything is confusing me.

I finally got my license, my parents are still afraid to let me drive alone, it's understandable, but last Monday my parents finally did and I was really nervous and it was ok, but there's something weird and it's that when I drive, I mostly space out, get lost inside my head and it takes a while to realize what I'm doing.'s picture

First Year of University Coming to an End

So I haven't been on here in a long time so I'm going to try and make this shorter than it would be. Lol. Well my first year at university is almost over and its been fun. I gave a guy my number, his name was James, nothing really came out from it but i tried. Passed all my courses and learned Spanish my first semester, well part 1 and 2 Spanish. Now I need to learn part 3 and 4. Second semester went well too. I've had a chance to mke some great friends, and find new male interests. A guy I find majorly hot is Marcel, he's in my politics class. Idk about him but I'm going to try and find out.

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Guys: Cuties, who's your 5?

So I was thinking about this, and I wondered who the guys here at Oasis think are cute. I say cute, and not sexy, b/c if someone was to say to someone else "look at that sexy thang!" it just makes the person sound like a slut. I digress... So anyway, who's your top 5? It doesn't have to be inorder either, or be just top 5, but really who you like and all, blehblehbleh.

Oh yeah, if they are famous, list the role they played, b/c I know there are people like me who are horrible with names :D

Guys only, someone else can start a girls one.

I'll start:
James Roday (Shawn Spencer-Psych)

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So, i'm "home", arrived a week ago. The house is a mess, just coming here to sleep.
I fell like the kid in the movies that goes to his dad's place on the weekends and his flat is shity. Only thing's that my parents are not splitting up, just live in different cities, which makes it more complicated, i guess.

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Soooo, the guy...

There's this guy i really like that it's really hot and fits my type and has this sexy mysterious look.

Anyway, the thing is that not me nor my friends can tell if he's gay or not. Which has always been an issue 'cause i like masculine guys but usually eye contact clears it all.

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