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Up up and away

I enjoy stopping in every now and then and giving a brief update. So I'm pretty sure I have mentioned that I'm spending three months in Hawaii starting in three days. I'm excited, and nervous all in one. I'm excited for the unique experience I will surely gain and the only reason I am nervous is because I have never flown. I am very apprehensive about a six, nearly seven hour flight over the ocean; but let us be honest, I'm not taking a boat to get there- I'd get seasick...so flying it is.

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Going to Hawaii

One day I literally decided it was time to start living my life for me and not for anyone else. Yesterday I bought a one way ticket to Hawaii. I plan to leave May 25th and stay for at least three months, if not longer. It is funny how this random event seems crazy to some, but to me it seems to be the most realistic decision I could have made. I don't look at this as a vacation or running away, I am finally living life!

As soon as the trip starts I will hopefully be able to post somewhat regularly on my site including photos.


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