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Dreamt of Him

i dreamt of him last nyt....
it was the first time i dreamt of him since i left.
u can say he broke my heart. i mean how can this person say he loves me, that im his bestfriend, that wen im sad his day is already ruined and most heartbreakingly of all his "Boyfriend". One day there arent any secrets wit me and him, one month he calls me every night jus to say goodnyt even wen its super late, just bcuz the last thing of the day he ever wanted to do was jus say Good Night to me.

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Im not really sure how this works, but Ill give it a shot (im sorry it is a novel)

So this year I went away to college, and I met a girl, who was a few years older than me, and we quickly became best friends. Before I met her I never really had any bisexual feelings, neither did she. One thing lead to another and after months of being friends we hooked up and started dating. We didn't tell anyone, I told one of my sisters, and she told one of her friends, but did not want anyone to know because her parents would freak.

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Poem for Samantha

Debris, flotsam, jetsam,
All the pieces
I am left to pick up.
The world is sleeping,
I am cleaning the shattered glass
Within my head.
From fights for you
Taint my face.
My war paint,
My battle wounds.
The silk memory of your skin
Turned to calloused wool.
But for your taunts,
I will feel

Man, this girl has killed me. I thought I'd be over her already, but it seems that I'm not.
This was written on the spot. I'm rly tired.

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ok, so im so heartbroken.
why are girls such misleading bitches?
i was talkin to this girl named christy.
she acted like she liked me for the most part.
we went on a date and everything.
then she texts me a week later and tells me she was talkin to someone.
a guy.
that ive known since i was little.
and every girl breaks my heart.
im really not feelin guys right now.

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