Heath Ledger

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Song with lyrics I changed for Heath on his birthday....

I know it's late but I want to post it anyway....

Sukiyaki (Japanese Love Song) A Taste of Honey Version
Verse 1
It's all because death took you
That I'm feeling sad and blue.
You went away
Now my life is just a rainy day.
I loved you so
How much you'll never know.
You went away and left me feeling empty.

Verse 2
Untouchable memories
Seem to keep haunting me
Of a love for you

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Tribute to Heath Ledger

Here are some songs that I had rewritten the words to to explain and share with everyone about my love for Heath Ledger. If you don't know the song I based a song on, look it up on line to hear the song. Here they are:

The First Time Ever I Saw Heath's Face
(To the tune of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack)
Verse 1:
The first time ever I saw Heath's face,

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