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Oh noes!

Liam convinced his dad to give him his old camera (of awesome and fabulous) AND Liam just happens to have a computer handy with Sony Vegas 7.0. But Liam has NO IDEAS for videos to make and attack the world with.

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If you have any advice, please leave it. I would greatly appreciate it. =D

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I wish with all my heart...

i wish with all my heart i could just say "i'm a lesbian, deal with it!" but i cant.. and its killing me for not being happy with who i am

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i need help with a school project on gay marriage

so in my great womens writers class we had to come up with a controversial topic and make a speach and a poster for it. I got my group to choose, much to my enjoyment, for gay marriage. and i need some good slogans to put on out sighn, and i cant think of any so can anyone help me?

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No sure...

I need help. I'm not sure if i'm a lesbian or not. I never have been attracted to boys and I have noticed other girls more that once but I'm not sure why I notice them or if this makes me a lesbian. I have talked to my parents about this already and they said they are fine with me either way. I'm also only 13 so I'm not sure if I'm a lesbian of if my horomones just haven't hit me yet.

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all the actors out there...HELP!!!!

i'm doing dramatic interp. for forensics, and i need help finding a monologue.

i have one, but it's about four minutes long at the most and they usually like longer ones.

has anyone ever done dramatic interp. before? and if they have, do they have any monologues to suggest?

i'm desperate here.

i'll give you a cookie!

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