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Oh, yeah! Canada won the GOLD in Women's hockey! Effing fantastic. I've been watching their games all along, and I was so proud of how well they were doing and then tonight they did not disappoint at all. I'm just super proud of them =)

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The Canadian Men's hockey team beat Norway 8-0. Oh, yeah, that's right, SHUTOUT!!!!!!!!! I love my hockey, if you couldn't already tell ;)

Through the first period all I could hear was my dad yelling: "What the hell was that," "You guys suck," "Take the man, take the man!" And other things like that. lol.

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2009 NHL Playoffs

Is anyone else here on Oasis a hockey fan? I'm probably alone on this but anyways...

What's your favourite team? Favourite players?

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I've been bitten.....

By The Hockey Bug! Haha. I love hockey. I just plain love it. I love the NHL despite the pain-in-the-ass that is Gary Bettman! Now we're getting closer and closer to the playoffs and I can't wait to watch The Sharks play! Hehe. The Sharks are my team :) Their goalie Evgeni Nabokov is underrated as he's freakin awesome. I Can't wait to watch him play. I love his amazing saves. I wish I could be a goalie like him. I used to pretend to be as awesome as him when we played street hockey....Now there is something I truly miss.

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