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Frustrated again.

I'm currently living at home, both for the upcoming holidays and because my panic attacks and bad reactions to my medicine were making finishing the semester impossible, even if it's only a week or two. I do feel like being home is helping with my anxiety in that I can sort of get away from the crowded chaotic-ness of dorm life and college.

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college and its myth of sparkling intellectualism: my miserable disillusionment

I thought college would be a bastion of spirited intellectualism, that there would be so many more people like me, that I would love my classes. There would be vibrant lectures and debates, I would think deeply about hard issues every day, I would go to art shows and concerts and plays, I would play music, write music, sing music, become a poet.

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I have been a member of Oasis for something like 2 weeks and 4 days. I have spent years searching for this place where absolutly everybody could relate. Some place where I wouldn't have to deal with prejudice and homophobia. And then suddenly, I stumble upon this place that is everything I have ever dreamed about and much more. I love all of you who leave me comments on my posts.

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