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Gravity, Restored

Since June I've been feeling like I've lost my gravity. Not seriousness gravity, more the kind of gravity that keeps planets in orbit. I'm a planet. I'm not a sun. I need someone to orbit. I'm swayed by the gravity of others. Metaphor. Metaphor.

For a long time I orbited around Leigh. I felt right there, comfortable, knowing that - whatever 'that' might be...I think I knew when I started the sentence, but I forgot. Anyway, I gravitated to him. It was stable. It was all good.

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i don't know anymore.

Okay, so, there's this girl, and her name's ashley. i've known her for a while, and we met through myspace. i don't remember when it was that we met, but it's been a while, maybe a year? idk, at least six months. anyway, after a while, of course i got feelings for her the way i tend to do.

well. she has a girlfriend. NO. a fiance. they've been together for FOUR YEARS. yeah, srsly. her name's nicole.

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Things I have never said/Another day in a strange mind

I have sat here and debated, for however many odd days, what it is that I had to say. I felt that I had too much to say to just put it in a few short sentences because I have been begging for a way out other than the obvious for months. Searching for somebody to save me, when only I can save myself, although I cannot do it alone. I am tired of broken promises, lies and all the yelling.

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