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happy halloween

Happy Halloween Oasis!

So I've become sucked in to the Vampire Diaries books. This week I've finished the first four, now I'm on the fifth. I didn't like them at first, but they grew on me. I like series, it means more/bigger books and longer wordcounts! But it's hard to find good fantasy/science fiction series that I haven't already read.

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(this is a story i wrote in like february but i wanted to post it)

the train rattled clumsily down the track. she stared at the window, but the torrential rain outside ran down the dingy glass in rivulets, obscuring any landscape there might have been. the train swayed slightly from side to side and the dim light on the ceiling swayed with it, casting sickening, moving shadows throughout. the train car smelled musty and damp, and most of the torn seats were stained dark—it was anyone’s guess what color they’d originally been.

i waited.

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