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Guys: Cuties, who's your 5?

So I was thinking about this, and I wondered who the guys here at Oasis think are cute. I say cute, and not sexy, b/c if someone was to say to someone else "look at that sexy thang!" it just makes the person sound like a slut. I digress... So anyway, who's your top 5? It doesn't have to be inorder either, or be just top 5, but really who you like and all, blehblehbleh.

Oh yeah, if they are famous, list the role they played, b/c I know there are people like me who are horrible with names :D

Guys only, someone else can start a girls one.

I'll start:
James Roday (Shawn Spencer-Psych)

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So my door bell rang just now ..

and it's these two HOT surfer guys
"we just moved in across the street, and wanted to invite you to our housewarming party tonight"
does that sound like the start of a porn film or what

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