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Smokers lament

Us smokers you despise,
ridicule and cry,
we foul the air,
smell up your hair,
and bring a tear to the eye!

There's one who's worse by far
they do it in the car!
They do it here,
they do it there,
they do it most anywhere!

Its deadly and by far,
the worse to do in the car,
It chokes and brings,
a tear and stings,
It cause most alarm!

So take these words in parting
and to the heart most heartening.
Of who do I speak?
Its freak!
I'm speaking of your farting!!!

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queer quips...

have you ever heard a good gay joke...? please share it..and for the sakes of all higher powers...try to make them positive...?

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I Dream of Deity

God came to me in a dream and said,
“Hey Greg, have you ever realized
that only crazy people are blessed with visions of me?”

I said, “Why, yes God, that is true, if only for the fact
That the people you choose to contact fail to realize that
Your presence is but a dream.” I said as several pink
flamingos flew by my head.

God expressed a great, booming laugh, “That is why I have come
to you, my child. I wish for you to partake in everyday deeds and relish in
the triviality of it.”

I pondered aloud, “God told me to buy some groceries.”

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Any one heard a good joke lately?

Any one heard a good joke lately? You know that humor and laughter make the world go around ...well at least it makes it much better!

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Not uncommon to hear a comment about boobs...

ahaha....thought these were pretty funny. was on afterellen and they were discussing the new gossip girl press campaign by taking Parent's Television Council's review notes and putting them on their posters...

something for the girls and the boys!

Have you ever gone skinny dipping???

yes ,,,i enjoyed it very much.
33% (5 votes)
yes but i didnt enjoy it
7% (1 vote)
yes, but i was embarased
7% (1 vote)
no i have never but i want to someday
40% (6 votes)
no i havent and i dont want to
13% (2 votes)
no and i would never do such a immoral thing
0% (0 votes)
what is skinny dipping????
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 15
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why we shouldn't support gay marriage

I found this online and it made me laugh

* Being gay is not natural. Real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning.
* Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.

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IMVU Yay, another place to talk

I found such a neat place to talk, chat, exchange ideas, and such. It is a chat room, but so unlike any that i found before. Here i can see who i am talking to and interact with them. No not their pic, not a cam, but a avaitar type of thing, a sim if u will. i choise a body type, a hair style, clothing to ware, and so on until i had a person who looked like me looking back at me on the monitor.

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