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If all of you didn't know before, I'm a cunty, black mermaid who parties throughout the eve with all of her sea bitches, and then walks the earth as a white male during the day. I expect that all of you will understand my predicament as a member of mermaidian society marooned in human society and treat me as an equal. This is of course despite the fact that my status as a cunty mermaid puts all of you as inferior to myself.

I honestly have zero idea about what in the flying fuck I'm writing about. I would like to point out that I coined the term seaweave though.

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Happy Hallow
for this hallows eve i just wanted 2 let everyone know that i have faced and put down another inner-demon. I won't get into detail but instead ill share the poem i wrote for my little sister, its more than a poem and it was all last minute so if its corny 2 u, 2 bad. I'm the middle child and its not always easy 2 b understood but i wouldn't trade it for the world. ^_^<369

hey kim sorry 2 b the dim
2 your light sorry we always gotta fight
and im really startin to realize i sometimes dont have the right
to yell sorry kim sometimes my mind doesnt always run well

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Movies I watched lately..... part 2

Second installment. Just keeping my ideas out there, and possible movies for people to watch.

**Lesbian Section**

Losing Chase


In this movie, many scenery shots were done of the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. There was a pretty slow progression of events.

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Movies I watched lately..... part 1

I am a movie buff, going to school and learning about making movies. Hopefully going to a film school when I'm done with high school. So, you can see where I place movies in my life. Towards the top. :)

So... movies I have watched recently on the wonderful invention of Youtube.

*Lesbian Section*

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am i gay???

hey ive been looking at this site for a few weeks or so and i think you guys could help me out. i think im gay. i wanna talk to someone about it. but my parents would prolly freak if i even mentained it as a possibility. so i don't know what to do. any suggestions or ANYTHING????

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can't take my eyes off you

I'm at my parent's place in the sticks right now since it's nearly Christmas and all that stuff. Not too keen on the holidays this year.. I think it's becoming less significant to me every year now, but I don't think that's bad. I don't really like it here, people are so red neckish and closed-minded and if you look slightly different to the norm, you get weird looks, not that I care that much..

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