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a great idea? maybe? feedback?

i had an idea a couple of months ago and almost forgot it but here it is: a website where people (GLBTQ) could ask their favorite celebrities or rolemodels any questions they have. it seems kinda stupid/corny/cheesy/ETC... but i think it would be a great help to young people maybe even old(er) people. let me know what you think kay? =P Love, Alisa

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GSA IDEA QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I need an idea for my tomorrow GSA, SUPERIMPORTANTE. Discussion topic that WILL LAST 40 MINUTES would be super-helpful. It's like pulling teeth to get them to talk. I know it's intersex awareness week. Any possible ideas for that?

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I smiled, the desperation slithering through my bicuspids like muck and nuclear waste, filling my face with that stomach-turning expression of need, "Come to prom with me," I tried to keep the pleading to a minimum, "it'll be fun, I swear. It won't even be a date, just the two of us, coming as friends?"

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